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Maintenance of mini excavator

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Micro excavators are very useful small tools, but they also need correct maintenance to maintain good performance.
Mini-excavator is a special tool that can help us to mine and process in construction sites, mining sites, agricultural land and other industrial land. However, the mini-excavator is also a consumable equipment, so it needs regular maintenance.
The main components of mini-excavator include engine, driving device, bucket, steering device, chassis and body. Each of these components needs to be repaired or replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation of the mini excavator. In addition, because the mini-excavator usually works in mud or other adverse conditions, it is also vulnerable to injury. If we cannot repair it in time, it will cause unnecessary costs and production interruption.
The maintenance methods of mini-excavators usually include manual pumping, coolant pumping, pneumatic pumping, dry fan cooling without pneumatic device and multi-fan air cooling. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, but in general, all methods can provide necessary maintenance for the mini-excavator.