Pin shafts and Pin sleeves

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Pin shafts and Pin sleeves
Product introduction: 
The pin shaft is a kind of standardized fastener, which can be statically fixed and connected, and can also move relative to the connected parts. It is mainly used at the hinge of two parts to form a hinge connection.
Product features: 
The pin shaft is generally fixed with a cotter pin, which is reliable in operation and easy to disassemble.
Bearing pin can be used as axle, and one end has rib, and the other end adds the rolling member on the washer and cotter pin block bearing pin, and this bearing pin certainly is to use cylinder. When performing the positioning function, cylindrical pins and conical pins have their own purposes. Cylindrical pins are used in places where the force is large and require firm fixation; conical pins are used where the force is small, high positioning accuracy is required, and it is easy to disassemble.
The pin sleeve is a part used in conjunction with the pin shaft. The function of the pin sleeve is to protect the pin shaft and reduce friction. At the same time, it can also play the role of positioning and support. It is widely used in construction machinery (excavators, bulldozers), Cars, trains, ships, etc. have movable arms.