Excavator Boom and Arm

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Excavator Boom and Arm
The long boom excavator arm,also known as excavator long reach booms, is made of structural grade tensile steel and heavy duty components,to handle a wide range of attachments for deep gravel pits, long excavations, dredging, marine construction, sedimentation embankments, waterway pond clearing, surface mining, slope stabilization, demolition of buildings and structures, and the largest range of other specialized projects.
DIAMANT  Machinery is a professional excavator long reach boom manufacturer and supplier in China, specializing in the design and manufacture of long arm excavator boom components, high boom removal front ends, shortened rock booms and o3ther types of excavator attachments. All long arm excavator booms are manufactured using factory certified steel, manufactured using cutting edge assembly methods and undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of production to ensure that internal quality standards, OEM specifications and customer requirements are met.
The long reach rooms kit includes
The kit includes the boom and bucket bar, bucket linkage, bucket cylinders, POR and can be set up for different machines. We can also supply the boom and boom cylinders with associated pins, hoses and counterweights.
Boom weight does not include lifting cylinders or buckets.
Custom buckets and bucket sizes are available.
All universal buckets are equipped with teeth.
Features of long arm of excavators
The excavator long reach boom is made of structural grade tensile steel and heavy duty components for more complex service conditions Plate edges are beveled prior to welding to ensure good weld depth.
Critical areas are automatically welded and edge milled to prevent cracking and ensure a stronger structure.
Internal baffles give the structure greater strength and durability to withstand torsional loads for use in high pressure areas
High quality fittings such as piping, pins, bushings and cylinders, NOK seals
Accepts custom long arm of excavator lengths to handle different applications
Locking valve to prevent the arm from dropping when the hydraulic hose is blown
Bucket cylinders with shields.
Other accessories: standard excavator bucket, mud bucket, skeleton bucket, grab bucket.
Long arm of excavators applicable brands and models
The long arm excavator boom is available for most makes and models: Hitachi Excavator, Volvo Excavator, Hyundai Excavator, Doosan Excavator, Komatsu Excavator etc.
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